We invite you to support the College of Engineering. In the past 10 years, we have more than doubled our output of graduates, and the college is now in the top 50 programs nationally in the size of both undergraduate and graduate enrollment. More students each year are attracted to engineering by the prospects of a satisfying career and high-paying job. Our task is to help them succeed and support them financially through a rigorous program of study.

Please consider a gift for the scholarship campaign. Thanks to an appropriation from State leaders, the College of Engineering is offering a $1,000 match for scholarship donations of $1,000 and above.  This additional match represents a tremendous opportunity to leverage your gift, and helps students with a substantial scholarship.

As an alumnus of the University of Utah, I value the difference an engineering education made in my life. If you feel the same, I hope you will join me in helping today’s students. These aspiring engineers are not only outstanding academically; they are also committed to improving their communities, caring for their families, and solving the world’s major challenges. I am very proud of our students; I believe they are our best hope for the future.


Richard B. Brown
Dean, University of Utah College of Engineering
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