Julia Alcox

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2020
I love building and creating new things. I chose the U for its accessibility to the ski resorts and thousands of opportunities to meet people who love the outdoors as much as I do. I hope to one day work with an aerospace company creating new, innovative projects for current and future generations with attentiveness to sustainability and environmental impacts.

Karen Chen

I am a computer science major interested in data science and the applications of computer science to life-sciences fields. My hobbies include playing tennis with the University of Utah Tennis Club Team and the violin in the Campus Symphony. My favorite thing about the University of Utah is its wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved and participate in academic research.

Ali Dibble

I became a Materials Science & Engineering major completely by accident. Halfway through my freshman year, I found a research lab in the MSE department and fell head-over-heels for the project. Pretty soon I changed my major so I could spend all my time learning about materials. Now, I’m a junior who loves sustainable engineering, Ultimate Frisbee and rock climbing (where I get to scale cool materials all the time.)

Haley Feten

I love the University of Utah due to the endless opportunities it has given me to grow and learn as both an individual and student. I’m studying chemical engineering with a minor in Spanish, and I’m passionate about engineering due to the technical aspects I learn about in my classes. I’ve been able to apply those aspects to the research lab I currently work in and with my internship this last summer.

Gabrielle Hoyer

I am from Salt Lake City, and I chose to attend the University of Utah in order to experience its excellent biomedical engineering and computer science programs. I joined the College of Engineering because I wanted to utilize my knowledge and enjoyment of science in a way that would help people. With my continuing education in COE I hope to eventually gain my doctorate in computational neuroscience and neural engineering where I would like to help with the treatment of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease patients. Additionally, I would like to pursue a professorship at the university level as a way to encourage future students .

Elizabeth Pumford

I am a transfer student from UC Santa Barbara who came to the University of Utah for it’s great biomedical engineering program. I have always been passionate about research and have had the fortune of pursuing that interest with the protein-polymer interfaces group, researching platelet activation. Once I graduate from the U I intend to get my doctorate in England and continue to work there in pharmaceutical engineering research.

Westan Smith

I chose to attend the U because I absolutely fell in love with the campus while on a tour. The U’s campus is beautiful and looks even better with a fresh coat of snow! Another reason is because it was a PAC-12 school with an awesome football program and a rowdy student section. With my degree from the College of Engineering I want to pursue a career in the field of water resource, eventually moving to a project manager of an engineering company.

Yoyo Yuan

I chose electrical engineering as my major because I believe our future relies increasingly more on science and electricity. I have always been good at science, especially mathematics and physics, since elementary school. I also loved to create things with my hands, from playing with toys like LEGOS to assembling and fixing furniture. I believe this has set a strong foundation for me to study engineering.