Julia Alcox

I love building and creating new things. I chose the U for its accessibility to the ski resorts and thousands of opportunities to meet people who love the outdoors as much as I do. I hope to one day work with an aerospace company creating new, innovative projects for current and future generations with attentiveness to sustainability and environmental impacts.

Edward Barrowes

I'm a Biomedical Engineering major and minor in Computer Science. Before coming to the U, I was an avid ballet dancer as well as someone who enjoyed and excelled in math and science. When I came to the U, I found that I had the option to pursue a ballet career full time, or to become a full time student. I chose biomedical engineering because I felt it was the best combination of the two, applying engineering concepts to solving problems and creating solutions in the human body. I'm super hyped about the Utah Electrode Array (google it!), which is a biomedical device being developed here at the U in the field of brain machine interfaces. I hope to get involved in neural prosthetics once I graduate, but if life has taught me anything it's that there's always another plot twist around the corner! That's a big reason behind my minor in CS, I want to make sure that regardless of my situation when I graduate I have a lot of flexibility going into the job field. I have a lot of interests and probably my greatest challenge right now is balancing them all; I'm part of the ballroom dance club and practice every weekend, I play and tinker with video games, fiddle around with synthesizers, and hang out with friends. Being an engineering student can take a lot of time, but there's no reason to not have fun while I'm at it!

Sara Chadwick

I got interested in programming at eight years of age through Neopets, which allowed to me edit the HTML on their websites. I had no idea how far the journey of computer science would take me here at the University of Utah! I love computer science because working in this field means constantly being exposed to new problems, new tools and new solutions. I'm excited to take my degree and use it to make the world a better place and solve the problems that really need it.

Karen Chen

I am a computer science major interested in data science and the applications of computer science to life-sciences fields. My hobbies include playing tennis with the University of Utah Tennis Club Team and the violin in the Campus Symphony. My favorite thing about the University of Utah is its wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved and participate in academic research.

Ryan Davis

I chose Materials Science and Engineering as my major because we live in a world of materials. I am fascinated by innovative applications of unique materials and enjoy studying their properties, characteristics and synthesis. I love that engineering is about creating, innovating, and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Haley Feten

I love the University of Utah due to the endless opportunities it has given me to grow and learn as both an individual and student. I’m studying chemical engineering with a minor in Spanish, and I’m passionate about engineering due to the technical aspects I learn about in my classes. I’ve been able to apply those aspects to the research lab I currently work in and with my internship this last summer.

Molly Gupta

The Computer Science major brings me the amazing opportunity to learn how to analyze real-world problems and find reliable solutions to these issues using programming skills in technology. The U's engineering school focuses on connecting students in this field to all other fields in the university and examining and solving real-world issues. With an engineering degree, I hope to resolve concerning issues within the world.

Megan Henstra

I am a computer engineering major here at the U and am looking forward to pursuing a career in engineering. I was first introduced to engineering in the 9th grade and have loved it ever since. There’s no doubt that the University of Utah is one of the best schools in the state for engineering!

Gabrielle Hoyer

I am from Salt Lake City, and I chose to attend the University of Utah in order to experience its excellent biomedical engineering and computer science programs. I joined the College of Engineering because I wanted to utilize my knowledge and enjoyment of science in a way that would help people. With my continuing education in COE I hope to eventually gain my doctorate in computational neuroscience and neural engineering where I would like to help with the treatment of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease patients. Additionally, I would like to pursue a professorship at the university level as a way to encourage future students .

Marina Johnson

To me, being an engineer means turning visions into reality. I chose the University of Utah because they have one of the top video game design programs in the country. I have had the opportunity to work with innovative people producing quality work while learning here. Salt Lake is a growing location for the entertainment industry, providing plenty of job opportunities, and it's a place where you can contribute to actual titles. Utah also fuels a balance of city life and gorgeous natural views that helps me achieve in all aspects of my life, whether it be hanging out with friends or chilling at home. The future is only as bright as we make it, and I want to contribute to that.

Nicole Mortensen

I decided to study Materials Science and Engineering because it can be applied to so many different areas. The idea of constantly trying to improve materials to make them stronger, lighter, sustainable and cheaper seems limitless to me. I chose the University of Utah because I believe it will give me a strong foundation in material science, and obtaining this versatile degree will diversify by career path.

Kelli Nelson

I grew up on a farm in southeast Idaho and considered many universities all over the country before finally choosing the U. I have never once regretted that decision! The University of Utah College of Engineering has the resources and support to take you anywhere you want to go, no matter where you come from. I fell in love with chemistry as a high school junior and decided to be a chemical engineer when I found out that chemical engineers get to do everything chemists do ... but on an industrial, continuous scale. Chemical engineers can end up in almost any industry, from food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals to petroleum and mining. Upon my graduation, I'm considering graduate school in engineering or business (or both!) and one day see myself working in industrial research and development. 

Rachel Phelps

I’m a third-year Mechanical Engineering student who came to the U from Connecticut. My love of math and science, along with many years of participation on robotics teams, led me to a major that would allow me to apply these skills to real-world applications. The U provides opportunities such as the ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics and the Honors College, along with a strong engineering program. Since coming to the U, I have been working at the Leonardo Museum teaching STEM topics to guests, working as the Outreach Director for the Utah Robotic Mining Project and participating as the Field Supervisor for the Utah FIRST Robotics Regional Competition. These experiences have motivated me to pursue a career in engineering, most likely in a way that combines my love for robotics, outreach and working on projects for the betterment of society.

Alexander Price

I am a pre-Biomedical Engineering student who loves the human body. I enjoy engineering because it's exciting and a great way to use and apply the things I know and am learning. It's also a close-knit community that is really fun to be a part of. After completing the Biomedical Engineering program, I hope to attend medical school.

Sri Radhakrishnan

I grew up on “Iron Man” and “Star Wars.” For a long time, I wanted to make cool tech like I saw in those movies. I chose the University of Utah, because I’d done lots of summer programs up here, and it was close to home. When I got to the U, I decided on a path in biomedical engineering, as that was the closest I thought I could get to that goal! I’d like to take my degree and go into medicine one day and develop artificial limb therapies for children and adults.

Drue Seamans

I am an undergrad pursuing a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the U, with an emphasis in Structural Design. The University of Utah was a good fit for me as it is located in such a dynamic and beautiful area. I am passionate about the outdoors, anything from backpacking to skiing, and Salt Lake City offers everything. I chose to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering because I began to enjoy the challenge of problem solving that came with each class and its corresponding subjects. This became what I love about engineering, watching all the work put in to each subject pay off as I was able to grasp concepts that initially seemed so foreign to me. Also, the friends you make become an amazing system of encouragement and people that you can count on to help you through your educational career.

Hanin Sheikh

Growing up in Salt Lake, I've been a long time University of Utah fan and always knew I wanted to go to the U. I chose Biomedical Engineering because of how challenging it is and that it combines my favorite parts of math and science to better our future and medicine. My engineering courses here at the U have taught me to strive to be a better student and persevere. After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school to study cell and tissue engineering.

Westan Smith

I chose to attend the U because I absolutely fell in love with the campus while on a tour. The U’s campus is beautiful and looks even better with a fresh coat of snow! Another reason is because it was a PAC-12 school with an awesome football program and a rowdy student section. With my degree from the College of Engineering I want to pursue a career in the field of water resource, eventually moving to a project manager of an engineering company.

Alison Thompson

I'm a Biomedical Engineering major from Saratoga Springs, Utah. I came to the U because of the incredible engineering program we have here, and I'm so happy with my choice.

Brekka Weng

I am a third-year student majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I chose my major because I like math and science, and I am very interested in their applications in health science. That’s also the reason why I love engineering – you can use your knowledge to create cool new things and solve real-life problems. With my engineering degree, I can work on projects to improve health care and keep exploring the exciting field of biotechnology.