Application Deadline: Monday, November 7, 2016

Requests, along with a completed-in-full application form and Academic Sabbatical Compensation Summary form, should be turned in to your department chair.


The application form now notes the responsibility to appoint a substitute Principal Investigator for extended absences. See University Regulations 6-314 Sections 4 and 9 for the policy governing faculty sabbatical leaves.

Note that faculty members whose last sabbatical leave was in academic year 2010-11 are presumably eligible. Other leaves taken since that year may be taken into consideration in recommending individuals for sabbatical leave.

Sabbaticals may be awarded for one session (one-half semesters), one semester, three sessions (one and one-half semesters), or two semesters. Corresponding annual pay levels for the faculty for leave years are 100% for one session, 95% for one semester, 85% for three sessions, and 80% for two semesters.