College of Engineering Lab Ramp-Up: Lab Manager Certification

Lab Reopening - Managers

University of Utah Guidelines for operations during COVID-19 are available on the university coronavirus web site

Information on allowable research under orange hazard levels is available on the Office of the Vice President for Research web site.

Lab / Manager Information

Before permission to open a laboratory will be granted, the Laboratory Manager (faculty or staff member responsible for the lab) must complete this form as well as the Environmental Health and Safety Ramp-Up Checklist.

Example: u0123456

Enter the building and room numbers for each lab you are responsible for (e.g. MEK 1234):

Lab Safety Precautions

University guidelines for laboratories and research space are available at Guidelines for Orange status (moderate risk) are summarized below:
    • Only activities that can be safely conducted with limited personnel and appropriate situation-specific safety protocols, along with normal EHS guidelines, are permitted.
    • High hazard operations should be minimized.  
    • Proper PPE must be available for all people working in laboratories.
    • Face coverings (masks) must be worn properly (covering the nose and mouth). 
    • Small rooms (e.g., office, procedure room, tissue culture room) should have no more than one occupant.* 
    • To avoid physical overlap, time at the lab should be scheduled, such as through calendaring.*
    • Always maintain at least 6-feet of separation between people AND work areas. For example, only one person per bay or one person per half bay, depending on lab configuration.* 
    • In person interactions should be limited to <10 people with at least 6 feet of separation at all times. 
    • Each lab should maintain a check list of surfaces to sanitize at the start and end of each shift, including shared equipment and fridge doors/handles, etc.
    • Anyone who can work remotely should do so. 
    • Accommodations should be made for high risk personnel to work from home.
    • Students and post-doctoral researchers who are not comfortable working onsite should not be asked to do so.

* NOTE: College of Engineering lab safety policy requires a "buddy system" under which lab researchers are not allowed to work alone. This guidance might appear to conflict with that policy. To ensure a balance of safety and physical distancing, please ensure that at least one other person is within easy earshot, either in the same lab or in a nearby lab, at all times. If it is safe to do so, researchers are encouraged to leave doors open if they are alone in a room. *

Please indicate the measures you will put in place to ensure a safe working environment. (Not all are required.)

List all individuals that will be allowed to work in the laboratory. Each person will need to complete a Lab Ramp-Up Employee Certification Form.

I understand that while the risk status of university research operations is orange, employees have the right not to work in laboratories if they are uncomfortable, and I promise to honor the decision of any employee who chooses not to come to campus. *
Click submit one time and wait for confirmation message.