Software Engineer


Job Type: Full Time

Engineering Area(s): Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon), Junior

Expertise and Functions

Support software sustainment, design, coding, and testing for architecture releases
Support software and flight analysis, system functional processing, system performance requirements, external interface definitions, and design reviews
Research, define, document, and present all system-level requirements for software engineering design documents
Prepare software engineering studies, assemble data, coordinate with engineers, and support deficiency report reviews
Update Flight Manuals, Technical Orders, Pilot Pocket Guides, and Pilot Information Manuals; support reviews and pilot feedback
Develop program documents (such as the Product Work Breakdown Structure), provide input to the program plan, and assist with the writing of technical requirements documents
Support Software Development and Modernization to ensure required hardware and software are planned and delivered
Ensure compliance with safety and quality assurance procedures by supporting inputs and configuration/data management of software releases
Participate in risk assessment and mitigation meetings and support input on performance assessment and specification development
Provide logistics support and help team members solve complex problems
Other related duties as assigned
Ability to write test scripts and organize testing suites for automated software testing as part of the Agile process
Support software build processes and automated testing with PowerShell or batch scripting
Provide automated test reports to find defects in software with effective traceability and results
Other duties as assigned
Education/Training (both required and desired):
Bachelor’s Degree in relevant engineering or science discipline required , including Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a closely related field

2+ years of professional experience in the required task area
Preferred experience with the following:
ADA, C, C++, LabView, Actor Framework, .Net technology, Java, Fortran, Assembly, Jovial, Visual Basic, and/or other programming languages
XML, HTML, Java Script, Perl, ASP, and/or similar scripting languages
Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, VMS, RTOS and/or other operating systems
Technical Orders, Flight Manuals, and other documentation
Test Management
A-10 avionics

Must be a US citizen
Ability to obtain a security clearance may be required
As a Federal contractor, all KIHOMAC employees and facilities are required to adhere to applicable government mandates regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and safety protocols. As such, proof of vaccination status or a valid and documented exemption will be required as a condition of employment.

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