Goals of OurDiversity Programs


Attract Diversity

Attract a diverse population of K-12 students to engineering majors using our outreach programs.

Prepare Disadvantaged Students

Better prepare disadvantaged students and their families for college success.

Connect With Us

Enable Success

Enable the success of matriculated CoE students through academic programs and resources.

Create an Inclusive Environment

Create an inclusive environment in the College for all future engineers.

Our Pledge to You

"The University of Utah College of Engineering is a signatory to the ASEE Diversity Pledge which articulates the undersigned colleges’ position on equal opportunity and inclusiveness, and commits them to specific actions." — Richard Brown, College of Engineering Dean

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Programs for Students


Scholarship program for freshmen and transfer students committed to advancing gender equity in science and engineering


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program to help underrepresented minorities succeed in math, science, engineering, and technology-related careers

Student Clubs

The College of Engineering is focused on supporting a wide range of Student Clubs/Organizations across all majors, with specific clubs for students and allies of various backgrounds, genders, races, and orientations.

Student Success Advocates

Support your unique situation to help you succeed


Program for students who need academic assistance by provides advising, instruction, tutoring and informational workshops

Utah Center for Inclusive Computing (UCIC)

Center created in an effort to boost the percentage of students in the university’s programs from populations currently underrepresented in computing.

For more information, Contact Morgan Boyack at morgan.boyack@utah.edu

Diversity at the U

Across 18 colleges, 31% of all new minority students at the U are in Engineering.

Since 2005, the number of women in College of Engineering tenure-line faculty positions has increased 620%!

Since 2005, the College of Engineering has increased attendance of students of color by over 475%

Over the last 16 years, the College of Engineering has increased attendance of female students by 510%

In 2005 students of color made up 20% of the College student body. Today that number is 38%!

Over 16 years the percentage of female students has reached the national average of 21%.

In Comparison to other Utah Universities...

In 2021, the COE bachelor’s degree program had the highest number of minority students in Utah at 23%!

Across the state this enrollment typically falls between 1-5%

During the 2020 school year, 21% of engineering students were female.

Across the state this number is typically below 15%

Engineering Diversity Committee

    • Sneha Kasera – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    • Brittany Coats– Mechanical Engineering
    • Chuck Dorval– Biomedical Engineering
    • Ebsa Eshete– Student Representative– Mechanical Engineering
    • Michael Free– Materials Science and Engineering
    • Mary Hall– School of Computing
    • Swomitra Mohanty– Chemical Engineering
    • Masood Parvania– Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Pedro Romero– Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Jack Wang– Student Representative– Biomedical Engineering
    • Michael Young– Entertainment Arts and Engineering
  • Collect, analyze, and present diversity data
  • Identify opportunities, including funding opportunities, to enhance diversity in the college
  • Support outreach activities for broadening participation
  • Interact with the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office of the University for exchanging data, and ideas
  • Interact with departments/programs in the college on diversity matters
  • Interact with student clubs to promote diversity
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (College of Engineering Diversity Officer)
  • One representative, Associate Chair/Associate Director, each from the 6 departments and the School of Computing in the college (If a department/school does not have an associate chair/associate director, the department/school chair/director could nominate a tenured or career line faculty member at the professor rank to serve on the diversity committee.)
  • One faculty representative from EAE
  • One undergraduate student representative
  • One graduate student representative

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