Goals of the diversity programs are to:

  1. Attract a diverse population of K-12 students to engineering majors using outreach programs that excite students to the possibilities in engineering.
  2. Better prepare under-represented student populations and their families for college success.
  3. Enable the success of matriculated CoE students through academic programs and resources.
  4. Create an inclusive environment in the College for all future engineers.


Morgan Boyack

Programs for Students:

  • ACCESS – Scholarship program for freshmen and transfer students committed to advancing gender equity in science and engineering
  • MESA – Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program to help underrepresented minorities succeed in math, science, engineering, and technology-related careers
  • TRIO – Program for students who need academic assistance by provides advising, instruction, tutoring and informational workshops
  • Student Clubs – The College of Engineering is focused on supporting a wide range of Student Clubs/Organizations across all majors, with specific clubs for students and allies of various backgrounds, genders, races, and orientations.
  • Student Success Advocates – Support your unique situation to help you succeed