College Fall Newsletter 2020

Click here to read the newest fall newsletter from the College of Engineering.

Mental Health Counseling for Students

The College of Engineering has employed an in-house mental health counselor for struggling students.

New SCI Director

National Science Foundation and Office of Science and Technology veteran, professor Manish Parashar, will become the new SCI director.

New U Engineering Masks!

College of Engineering-branded face masks are in and on sale!

Reaching Out to New Students

The college's outreach team is working with K-12 students and teachers in new ways in wake of the pandemic.

Reducing the Risk of a Fall

Tucker Hermans and Andrew Merryweather are developing software to analyze patients rooms to reduce the risk of a fall.

Dan Reed Talks About the Internet

Click here to see a video of Dan A. Reed talking about the origins of the internet and the U's part in creating it.

Chris Johnson Honored by Leonardo Museum

Christopher R. Johnson was named this year’s recipient of the Leonardo Award from The Leonardo museum.

LUKE Arm Researcher Receives NIH Award

Biomedical engineering researcher Jacob George has received the National Institutes of Health Director's Early Independence Award.

Streaming VP Debate for Viewing Parties

The Utah Esports' broadcast team is tasked with streaming the VP debate to campus viewing parties.

Kong Receives NIH Award

Yong Lin Kong has received the National Institutes of Health Trailblazer Award.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Chemical engineers conducted an analysis of the air flow in Abravanel Hall for the Utah Symphony to help maintain a safe performance from COVID-19.

Analyzing COVID-19 Through Google Street View

Tolga Tasdizen developed a machine learning model to examine Google Street View photos for a study on COVID-19.

U Engineers to Work with Versatile Test Reactor

U materials science and engineering researchers will be using the DOE's Versatile Test Reactor for their experiments on molten salt.

Students With Fellowships 2020

Click here to see a list of COE students this year who have received fellowships.

Idle Threat

Kerry E. Kelly leads a team that will be designing and testing a new dynamic air pollution display system.

2020 COE Teaching and Staff Awards

Congratulations to this year's winners of the University of Utah College of Engineering Teaching and Staff Awards!

COE Research Report is Out!

Click here to read the new College of Engineering's annual Research Report.

Energy Center Wins Award

The Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center at the University of Utah has received the Center of Excellence Award.

Mascaro Honored with Beacons of Excellence Award

Mechanical engineering Director of Undergraduate Studies Debra Mascaro, has received the University of Utah’s Beacons of Excellence Award.

Parvania Receives U Award

Masood Parvania is one of four faculty members to receive this year’s Presidential Scholar Award from the U’s Academic Affairs office.

LUKE Arm Documentary

Click here to see a documentary short made for Chilean TV on the University of Utah's involvement in the LUKE Arm prosthetic.

Online Excellence Awards

Chemical engineering team honored with online-teaching award.

Returning to Campus

We're looking forward to the new semester. So let's stay safe and healthy!

Global engagement in the time of COVID

Steve Buran has learned to adapt to the global pandemic in delivering training for researchers in Pakistan.