Up In Smoke

Heather Holmes has developed a method to better determine whether wildfire smoke will affect nearby communities.

Saving Energy, Cutting Pollution

The U's Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center is examining how businesses can cut down on emissions.

U Part of World’s Ultimate IT Team

U computer scientists have joined NSF center to help research facilities manage their data.

Harmful Algal Blooms in Utah

Civil and environmental engineering professor Ramesh Goel talks about the impact of algal blooms in Utah.

EAE’s Bob Kessler Passes

Entertainment Arts & Engineering co-founder Bob Kessler passed away July 8.

Synthetic Biology Yields New Tools

Team has discovered new way to control gene expression in bacteria, yielding new tools for mass-producing mRNA and protein.

McLennan Honored with Service Award

Chemical engineering professor John McLennan was honored with ARMA's Distinguished Service Award.

Air Flow Study in Science Advances

Chemical engineering study on air flow analysis of concert halls is published in Science Advances.

ME Students Design Eye Exam Table

A group of mechanical engineering students developed a portable eye-exam table kit for Moran's outreach team.

Mastren Receives DOE Award

Tara Mastren has received the DOE's Early Career Research Award.

Blackrock Gets New Funding

Blackrock Neurotech, which develops neural interface technologies based on the Utah Array, has received new funding.

Better Sleep Cycles

ECE researchers will be working on an implantable device that will control the body's circadian clock for better sleep cycles.

Liu Appointed New Professorship

College of Engineering is announces the appointment Feng Liu as the Ivan B. Cutler Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.

EAE Launch 2021

Click here to view the video stream for this year's "EAE Launch 2021."

A Matter of Megakaryocytes

Tara Deans is researching the development megakaryocytes progenitor cells to help combat diseases such as blood disorders.

Heber Valley Fog Study

Eric Pardyjak is part of a team conducting a fog study in Heber Valley, Utah, to better predict when the weather phenomenon happens.

Coats Named ASME Fellow

Brittany Coats who has been elevated to the grade of Fellow of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Engineering Student Projects Profiled

Click here to read about some of the amazing entrepreneurial projects launched by some of our engineering students.

Inversion Pollution Research

Heather Holmes has received a $2.6 million grant to research pollution from temperature inversions.

Quasiperiodic Structures

U engineers helped discover how ultrasound waves can organize carbon particles in water to create new materials.

COE Spring 2021 Newsletter

Click here to read the 2021 spring edition of the College of Engineering's printed newsletter.

BME Student Receives Goldwater Scholarship

Biomedical engineering student Jason Manning has receive the Goldwater scholarship.

Kong Receives 3M Award

Yong Lin Kong will receive the prestigious 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award.

Eight COE Students Receive NSF Fellowship

Eight COE students were awarded the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program for 2021.

Cohen Appointed Distinguished Professor

Elaine Cohen was appointed School of Computing Distinguished Professor.