The Engineering National Advisory Council (ENAC) was established in 2001 to advance excellence in engineering education; provide counsel to the Dean; and support the long‐term strategic objectives of the College.

Council Members

John D. LaLonde, Chair

David C. Aldous

Bert L. Blaha

Don R. Brown

Denson Cao

Craig S. Carrel

Edwin Catmull

Ronald H. Dunn

Chris Durham

Mark Fuller

Jeanette L. Haren

Kim P. Harris

Brett Helm

Paul J. Hirst

Jason E. Job

David S. Layton

Paul Mayfield

Gretchen McClain

Harold W. Milner

Ken Muir

John R. Njord

Jonathan Oomrigar

Susan D. Opp

Steven G. Parker

Christopher H. Porter

Jonathan W. Richards

Shane V. Robison

Michael W. Soulier

Dr. Jeff Spath

Dr. Gregory P. Starley

Dr. Gerald B. Stringfellow

Jack Sunderlage

Randal R. Sylvester

Anne Taylor

J. Howard Van Boerum

John A. Williams

Jerry K. Young

Ex Officio Members

Rich Brown

Marilyn K. Davies

John C. Sutherland