Welcome from the Engineering Alumni Association

Tony Curtis

The Board of Directors of the College of Engineering Alumni Association (EAA) welcomes you to our website. We are very committed to bringing our Engineering Alumni Association on par with the other PAC-12 schools in the western United States. In fact, with our new alliance with these other PAC-12 schools, we have been visiting with our engineering alumni association counterparts in order to improve our EAA activities.

It’s important that if you are not currently a member of the EAA, you plan to register on our website and join with the more than 1,500 members of the EAA. Membership is free. The mission of the EAA is to continue furthering and supporting the College of Engineering’s pursuit of excellence by fostering and preserving lifelong relationships with students, alumni, and community.

In addition to our already established engineering outreach programs, which involve reaching out to and encouraging future students to consider earning a degree in engineering as well as providing outreach opportunities to our currently enrolled engineering students, we are focused on providing new and exciting events and activities with our engineering alumni. We hope you’ll find a way to get involved and we look forward to future interactions.

We appreciate your visiting the EAA website, which will continue to be upgraded to provide an online platform for EAA members. This platform will enable EAA members to become more engaged and involved, and to network with our peers in the engineering community.


Tony Curtis, President

Mission Statement

Celebrating the contributions of engineering and computer science in benefiting humanity and enhancing quality of life, the Engineering Alumni Association is hereby established by the College of Engineering to foster pride in the profession and a sense of community among its graduates. Through its affiliation with the College of Engineering, the association will help to advance the case for excellence in engineering education and professional practice.



Represent the College of Engineering in professional associations, legislative activities, workplace recruiting, etc. Act as ambassadors for increasing recognition of the contributions and accomplishments of the University of Utah.

Interact with other engineering alumni in academic, professional, casual and social activities, and through student oriented activities on campus.

Help to foster professional development, continuing education and best practices in the workplace.

Act as role models and encourage young people in our families, schools and neighborhoods to consider the benefits of an engineering education.