When Utahns see the new “Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker” in theaters the next two weeks, they’ll get a glimpse of real-life technology at the University of Utah that seems fitting for a galaxy far far away.

The LUKE Arm, a motorized prosthetic arm for amputees that is being co-developed by biomedical engineers in the University of Utah’s College of Engineering, is the star of a new university-produced commercial that is running in Larry Miller-owned Megaplex Theatres running “The Rise of Skywalker.” The commercial, which was created by the U’s marketing and communications team, will run just before each screening of the movie for the first two weeks it is playing. Here are the Utah theaters the ad will be shown, which runs until Jan. 2. Click below to see the commercial.

Cottonwood (Holladay)

Gateway (Salt Lake City)

Geneva (Vineyard)

Junction (Ogden)

Legacy Crossing (Centerville)

Thanksgiving Point (Lehi)

Valley Fair (West Valley)

Jordan Commons (Sandy)

District (South Jordan)

The LUKE Arm is being co-developed by U biomedical engineering associate professor Gregory Clark and his team. Clark and doctoral student Jacob George star in the commercial in which they demonstrate the arm’s amazing technology. The researchers have developed a way for the “LUKE Arm” (so named after the robotic hand that Luke Skywalker got in “The Empire Strikes Back”) to mimic the way a human hand feels objects by sending the appropriate signals to the brain. The fingers in the hand can also pick up objects with just the user’s thoughts. Their findings were published in a new paper co-authored by George, former doctoral student David Kluger, Clark and other colleagues, in the latest edition of the journal Science Robotics.

The project, which has received international recognition this year, was also profiled in a new article in the Washington Post which can be viewed here. (Online subscription required)