Faculty Recruiting Resources

Faculty Recruiting Resources

This page introduces the resources, benefits, and assistance available to faculty members in the College of Engineering at the University of Utah. It also introduces relevant HR policies, research and funding resources, and work-life balance information for new employees.

Faculty Resources


Work-Life Balance

Human Resources

Human Resources

The University of Utah HR Department is centrally run, but each department has an administrator who serves as the HR liaison. Therefore, each faculty member’s HR contact person is an employee within their respective department, but each faculty member also benefits from the efforts of a large and well-organized human resources team.

Academic Affairs and Outreach

Academic Affairs and Outreach

The College is well known for its extensive involvement in community outreach. Here are some links to information on various programs and opportunities to get involved:

Course Websites and Technology

Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT)


TLT runs Canvas, a campus-wide software platform that makes hosting course websites, distributing course materials, and interacting with students online better than ever. TLT also offers a variety of technical services including: video lecture recording, audio/video equipment check-out, interactive video conferencing, and other technology-related support.

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE)


CTLE promotes effective teaching at the University through instructor/instructional development. They provide many great resources like course/instructor evaluations, consultations, workshops, annual training sessions, and other special programs.

Engineering IT Support

Visit Engineering IT online

Engineering IT staff provide faculty members with hardware, software, user accounts, data backup, and websites as needed for faculty to meet their goals in education, research, outreach, service, and more.


Strategic Plan

Engineering Strategic Plan and Goals

College of Engineering Strategic Plan (Login required)

If you are considering a position with the College of Engineering, ask your hiring committee contact for access to the College’s strategic plan.

Faculty Policies

Retention, Promotion, and Tenure

Retention, Promotion and Tenure (RPT)

RPT – For upcoming RPT Actions, Guidelines, Calendar, or 6th Year Tenure Form, visit the College RPT website (Login required)

If you are considering a position with the College of Engineering, ask your hiring committee contact for access to the College’s official retention, promotion, and tenure policies and procedures.

Additional Resources

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Spring 2013 Engineering Newsletter:

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