The College

The College of Engineering

Students – Undergraduate3,577
Students – Graduate1,138
Warnock Engineering Building
Bioengineeringwww.bioen.utah.eduMaterials Science and
Chemical Engineeringwww.che.utah.eduMechanical
Civil and Environmental Engineeringwww.civil.utah.eduSchool of
Electrical and Computer

Degrees Awarded

In 2015, the college awarded 876 undergraduate and graduate degrees, a 16 percent increase from just the year before and a number that has more than doubled since 2002.

Degrees awarded

Research Expenditures

With $77.6 million in annual research funding, the College is #37 of 205 engineering schools (ASEE Profiles).

Research expenditures

Tenure-Track Faculty

The College is #26 in the number of tenure-track faculty (of 371 total) in the latest ASEE Profiles. In 2015, 15 new faculty members joined the College.

Tenure-track faculty

2014 Budget

The College budget reached $135.9 million in 2014, funded primarily by research awards.

COE budget