How to Apply

General Admission Requirements for the University

To enroll in engineering, students must first apply to the University of Utah:

The University also maintains a great resource for future students that includes topics like:

  • Tuition planning and costs
  • Housing and dining
  • Student recreation
  • Career services
  • AP/IB credits
  • … And more

  • College of Engineering Admission Requirements

    Beginning the Fall 2014 semester, the College of Engineering will provide new, major-specific admission requirements. (Coming soon)


    We encourage our prospective students to take as many math/science courses as possible. We advise that a student take math every year while in high school.

    Enroll in AP, IB, concurrent and honors courses if they exist in your school. Participate in science specific extracurricular activities like science fairs, math/engineering competitions, and engineering camps. Engage in extracurricular activities that develop your skill-set outside of math, science and engineering.

    Well-rounded students will always thrive in an ever-changing global engineering community.

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