CVEE Professor Wins Transportation Research Board Award

R.J. Porter

Richard J. Porter, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, and his co-authors was awarded the annual Best Paper Award on January 15 from the Transportation Research Board’s committee on geometric design.

The Transportation Research Board is a division of the National Research Council, an independent adviser to the United States government on scientific and technical issues of national significance. The Board’s mission is to “promote innovation and progress in transportation through research.” This award was presented at the Board’s annual meeting, which typically attracts more than 10,000 transportation professionals from the U.S. and abroad. The Board is supported by state transportation departments and other organizations and individuals interested in the development of transportation.

Porter’s award-winning paper describes the interaction of geometric design, speed, and safety on roadways. In particular, he and his colleagues addressed five critical questions about the relationships between road geometry and operating speeds, including how road geometry influences operating speeds, safety and security, and what the impacts would be for large vehicles. The researchers also discussed aspects of the speed/safety tradeoff.

Titled “Geometric Design, Speed, and Safety,” this paper was co-authored by Eric T. Donnell and John M. Mason, and was recently published in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research, available online here.

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